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Stop Wasting Water When You Flush

Do you agree? Toilet is the one that uses the Cost water in your home?

Everyone uses the bathroom several times daily, no matter what, it is an important part of our lives and our homes. Let’s appreciate the toilet for the amazing role it plays in our lives and our bathrooms and do some research before choosing and buying the commode.

Freshen up your bathroom by installing a new toilet bowl. There are now water conserving bowls and flushing technologies that clears more wasteful products at compared to the old ones. Our toilet bowl is the appliance that uses the nost water in our homes, consuming up to 30% of all indoor household water for flushing.

Despite the switchover many older houses are still using their old toilet bowls, which add to the amount of water used during flushing. The incredible amount of water wasted can be addressed in many areas, one of which is our toilet flushing.

If you are still using old toilet bowl, is time to reew or replace toilet bowl for hygiene reasons as well as water savings. Our high technology water pump cistern helps to save water.

Hygiene, Water save, Dual flush, Latest design

My mother had been sick for a couple of years, and followed by my other family members. A day i padd by a lighting shop, and overheard one of the shoppers saying that changing of Toilet Bowl could help improve health problems.
I keep thinking the whole night, should i make the change? The next day, i engaged a contractor to remove the existing toilet bowl and replace a new hygiene toilet bowl. Within a week, i could see the results! My whole family got better after that toilet bowl change….. My mother’s sickness was partly due to the bacteria that was transmitted from the toilet bowl. Now my family member getting well, and my mother also look better.
From: Tony


How to choose a Toilet Bowl?

Water Saver – Dual Flush Button

Water is precious, so save water & money and save our resources. Approval by PSB Corporation & tested by PSB. Proven! Save Water.

Smooth surface with less gap

Usually one pc type toilet bowl have the smooth surface, in between the water tank and the bowl is cast into one whole pc

When should change the toilet bowl?

– For those families that no helper on cleaning and both are working, can’t do washing the toilet bowl daily, recommended 3-4 years have to change the toilet bowl.
– If you getting a resales flat, usually the main thing to do is to change the toilet bowl. For hygiene purposes.
We do not insist that you have to replace your toilet bowl, but for hygiene reasons… please consider……

Any more questions?

– If you have any more questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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